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It has begun. Update 7/14/01 / Jeep Update:8/27

This my 1977 Jeep CJ7 Golden Eagle.That I have had for around five years now.It has'nt seen much on or off road action for the last two years.
I will get in a mood to work on it and dont stop for a week or two.Then stop and not touch it for months.This past winter it never left the carport.It is now in the garage.I plan to start tearing it apart in the next weeks.What I would like to do is a frame off.Not a full blown resto, but just fixing and replacing worn out parts.If I do this everything will be photographed and reported in detail. For the near future the motor and tranny is going to be removed.The trannmission is going to be overhauled.
For the most part it is still very much stock.The only modifcations that have been done are by me.I think it is rare to find any 70s or 80s model Jeep that has'nt been cut,welded,lifted or just have had the crap run out of it.This one has been left alone,maybe because it was an Gold one.

Engine:A 360 cid new crate motor.
1.A set of Headman headers
2.A mild rv cam
This motor is not the stock enigne.It was a 304.Which retired with 200,000 miles.
3.Stock front axle with full time four wheel drive.
4.Stock rear axle,offset to the right in order to line up with transferr case.
5.Transmisson:400 turbo [stock].Slips in drive.
6.Transferr case:borg-warner,Quada Trac.Belt driven.
7.Tires:Sidewinder Radials:32/11.50/15,on original 15"/10" "gold" wheels
Want to do:
1.A heater up grade.motor
2.35" tires and new wheels.
Parts that need replaced:
1.a new steering box.
2.The transmission need overhauled.
3. front rock bumper
4.Gas filler hose.cant find one anywhere.

1.NO HEATER,one that just looks like a heater
2.NO lock in,lock out hubs....will be replaced....
3.Transmission. These 400 turbos were only made from-1976 to 1979.Thats it.There are no others that will fit.The borg-warrer was made to only this special tranny.This automatic was fitted by AMC to draw in a younger,or should I say YUPPIE buyer.That wanted a Jeep,but was scared of the manual trans and the lock in and out hubs.This Jeep even has tilt wheel,
factory clock and a bulit in tach.It was forever dubbed a Daisy Jeep.From the tv show Dukes of Hazzard.The Golden Eagle was replaced with her name on the hood.


1.New Bestop,black denim
2.A set of Bestop seat covers
3.Four KC Lites
4.Steel Horse center console
5.Body side armour.
6.New mirriors [chrome]
7.New hood latches [chrome]
8.A heavy duty 3 core radiator
9.Front and rear paking lights
10.Rear Rubicon rock bumper.
11.Rear spring packs.


1.A set of Coniferr 3/4" shackles.They look huge!!! for only 3/4" lift.
2.A 2" leaf spring lift.

3.A 3" body lift.That Iam going to cut back to one inch.

update7_14 update7_14