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01/21/02.... It's the dead of winter here and a lack of heat in the Garage has slowed down my work

update 7/14/01

8/27/01.... I have started to clean everything from bolts to brake lines.Nothing has been overlooked.All parts, big and small have been sand blasted back 20 years. Iam impressed with the results.To say the least.I was hoping for somethingless than have of what they turned out.
.A long with a sand blaster I have used Two grinders to get into small places.They work well ,but take sometime.The grinder on the right has a 3" woven wire brush.They do cost a little more,around $12.00 ,but hold up alot longer than a regular wire brush.
Iam off to the garage for more carnage.

see yaaaaaaaaaa