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I know it's been a while........

Update 07/22/02

Well I have started .I did a test on the frame to see what kind of shape it was in.I removed a section of undercoating on the right side just below the door.It was in better shape than I had thought.Then continued up the front to the bumper.From there I removed the grill and front fenders.It was here I decided to do it.The engine and transmission was pulled,along with all hang ons.After all the undercoating and rust was removed fron the front to the rear tire.I could not get to the top off the frame.I stopped grinding and started to strip it down to the frame.That would be the only way to reach all the hidden cracks.I was using a 4" grinder with a 3" wire brush and a die grinder with a 2" wire brush.This did give good results,but was slow.

getting carried awaythe motor is freetest on framepulling motor

After inspecting everything I took off the body . Removed the transsferr case and gas tank .Untill all that was left was the Frame . The grinder and brush just was not working out . I had forgotten about a sand blaster that I had bought at Wallmart , for a mark down price of $9.00. What a bargin. I also had two bags of play sand from a landscaping project . BINGO!! I fired up my air compressor and went to town . This did give me the results I wanted ,but it did take awhile to stop and sweep up 20lbs of sand.Then run it through a screen .This also gave the frame a rough texture for any coating to stick to.

something missingnaked jeep