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to my web site.From here you can find out about the things that lerk in my garage.My toys that I had when I was a kid are real now. Which is the scary part Iam still a kid at heart..I love to tear things apart,fix them like new.All though I do have a taste for four whell drives that have a little age on them.I have had new trucks and Jeeps,but they dont seem to impress me.I like that raw power and the crack of glass packs when you let off the gas on a hill.A nother issue is my overwelling desire to raise a vechice as high as possible. Big wheels,go to have them... and most of all SPEED!! ............................................Hey Caul!!

Iam currently working on:....My 1977 Jeep CJ7,Golden Eagle .That I have had for 5 years.Always fixing and tinkering with.Trying different things and combonations to see if they work or just look stupid.Click the button to the left labed JEEP to find out what I have scewed up now.

Second is my 2000 Suzuki Marauder.It NEW I dont have to do anything to it ,just clean the chrome till it shines.Well maybe....Iam starting to lets say ajust it's appearence a little.Click the button on the left marked BIKE to see it begin.

Third my newly adopted 1985 Chevy pickup,which is in need of major surgery.It's a mess..............You know where to go.